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Einops tutorials cover multiple einops usages (and you'd better first follow tutorials), but it can also help to see einops in action.

Selected projects

Here are some open-source projects that can teach how to leverage einops for your problems

  • lambda networks (non-conventional architecture) implemented by @lucidrains

    • nice demonstration how clearer code can be with einops, even compared to description in the paper
    • implementation and video
  • capsule networks (aka capsnets) implemented in einops

    • blazingly fast, concise, and 3x-more memory efficient capsule networks, written with einops
  • @lucidrains has a dramatic collection of vision transformers

    • there is a plenty of good examples how to use einops efficiently in your projects
  • NuX — normalizing flows in Jax

    • different rearrangement patterns in normalizing flows have nice mapping to einops
  • As for video recognition, look at MotionFormer and TimeSFormer implementations

  • For protein folding, see implementation of invariant point attention from alphafold 2

Community introductions to einops

Tutorial in the AI summer about einops and einsum:

Implementing visual transformer in pytorch:

Refactoring machine learning code, one of posts in a series is devoted to einops:

ML TLDR thread on einops:

Book "Deep Reinforcement Learning in Action" by Brandon Brown & Alexander Zai contains an introduction into einops in chapter 10.

Other einops-based projects worth looking at:

(ordered randomly)